Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Braised Veal with Carrots

My favorite meat is veal, and this is one of my favorite veal recipes. Gerard and I often have friends over for bridge, and I like to prepare meals that I can cook in advance and just heat up before serving. This is one of them.  I make it earlier in the day, keep it at room temperature and warm it up just 5- to 10 minutes before serving.  It is easy to make and always good if you get a good piece of meat.

Serves four


2-pound boneless veal roast

salt and pepper

¼ cup margarine or a mixture of butter and oil
½ sliced onion
4 strips of bacon, trimmed and chopped
6 carrots, peeled and sliced lengthwise
½ cup dry white wine
2 cups veal stock (or chicken stock)
12 Baby Yukon Gold potatoes, washed but not peeled



Preheat oven to 350º F.
Season meat with salt and pepper. In a Dutch oven, sear meat on all sides in margarine (or a mixture of butter and oil) until lightly browned. Remove meat from skillet. Lightly brown onion. Add bacon bits. Add carrots on top of onions so that they become a bed upon which you will place the seared meat. Add the wine and stock to cover the carrots but not touch the meat. Place in the oven with lid on for about one hour, or until internal temperature reaches about 160°.
Boil potatoes in their skins at any time during the day.  When almost done, remove from water. Peel off the skins and save at room temperature.

Fifteen minutes prior to serving, reheat oven to 200º F. Remove the meat and place the potatoes in the liquid under the carrots. Replace the meat on top and bring to a simmer to heat everything.  When the meat and vegetables have been warmed on the stove, place in a Pyrex dish and put in the oven to keep warm. Reduce (boil down) the liquid to a nice sauce.  Scatter the potatoes and carrots around the meat and spoon half of the sauce over the meat. Serve the rest in a gravy boat.

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